ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354 圓錐量熱儀 ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354

ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354

圓錐量熱儀 ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354

Cone Calorimeter ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354




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圓錐量熱儀 ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354-行動條碼QR Code



ISO 5660,BS476第15部分,ASTM E 1354,ASTM E 1354,ASTM E 1550,ASTM E 1740,ASTM D 5485,ASTM D 6113,NFPA 271,NFPA 264,CAN ULC 135



• 0.05g分辨率的高精度稱重傳感器

• 5000W Inconel管狀加熱器

• PID溫度控制

• 火花點火器

• 樣品遮罩

• 計算機自動設置熱通量

• 罩,風管,孔板,環形採樣探頭和排氣風機的全不銹鋼結構

• 變速鼓風機

• 樣品架(不銹鋼)

• 煙霧測量系統

  ◦ 氦氖雷射光源

  ◦ 自動校準和縮放


• 氧氣分析儀

  ◦ 順磁性

  ◦ 0-25%範圍


• 罩,風管,孔板,環形採樣探頭和排氣風機的全不銹鋼結構

• 氣體採樣分析系統

• CO 2分析儀

  ◦ 非分散紅外線

  ◦ 0-10%範圍(v / v)

  ◦ CO2分析儀

  ◦ 0-1.0%範圍(v / v)


• 數據校準和報告

• 高精度數據採集

• 最小掃描速率–每秒4次掃描!市場上最快的

• 簡化的自動校準軟件

• Microsoft Excel工作簿中的數據輸出

• 用戶定制計算,圖形生成和報告



電氣:230 volts 50/60 Hz – 45 Amp – 額定 7500 Watts





甲烷:ISO 5660標準要求甲烷校準氣體的純度至少為99.5%。

連接到甲烷氣瓶上的調節器必須能夠以每分鐘20升的速度提供壓力,管路壓力可調節為0 – 430 kPa(0 – 60 psig)。




氧氣分析儀歸零氣體:必須提供無氧氮氣以使氧氣分析儀歸零。該管線必須能夠以約103 kPa(15 psig)的典型管線壓力提供最大7 l / min的流量。



供水:錐形量熱儀需要冷卻水供熱通量表和冷阱使用。這是一個非常小的流程。如果乾線壓力可能會承受大於此值的波動,則應提供一個設定為250 kPa(35 psi)的壓力調節器。



尺寸:1830mm(W)x 2650mm x(H)x 1150mm(D)

 運輸重量– 550公斤


排煙:排煙能力為50 l / s






Cone Calorimeter


ISO 5660, BS476 PART 15, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1550, ASTM E 1740, ASTM D 5485, ASTM D 6113, NFPA 271, NFPA 264, CAN ULC 135


Specification & Features

•High Accuracy Weigh Cell with 0.05g resolution

•5000W Inconel Tubular Heater

•PID temperature control

•Spark Igniter

•Specimen shield

•Computerised automated setting of heat flux level

•All stainless steel construction of Hood, ducting, orifice plate, ring sampling probe, and exhaust blower

•Variable speed blower

•Specimen holders (stainless steel)

•Smoke measuring system ◦Helium-neon laser light source

◦Auto calibration and scaling


•Oxygen analyzer ◦Paramagnetic

◦0-25% range


•All stainless steel construction of Hood, ducting, orifice plate, ring sampling probe, and exhaust blower

•Gas sampling and analysis system

•CO 2 analyser

◦Non-dispersive infra-red

◦0-10% range (v/v)

◦CO 2 analyser

◦0-1.0% range (v/v)


•Data Calibration and Reporting

•High Accuracy Data acquisition

•Minimum Scan rate – 4 scans per second! Fastest on the market

•Simplified Auto-calibration software

•Data output in Microsoft Excel workbook

•User customisation of calculations, graph generation and reporting


Technical Data & Requirements

Electrical: 230 volts 50/60 Hz – 45 Amp – Nominal 7500 Watts


Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C


Gas Supplies:


Methane: The ISO 5660 standard requires the methane calibration gas to be of at least 99.5% purity.


The regulator attached to the methane cylinder must be capable of supplying 20 litres per minute with an adjustable line pressure of 0 – 430 kPa (0 – 60 psig).


During the Cone Calorimeter’s commissioning stages, enough methane should be available for at least 40 minutes of burning at 20 litres per minute at STP (i.e. approximately 800 litres).


For normal working practice (daily calibration), expect to use between 30 and 100 litres of methane every working day.


Oxygen Analyser Zero Gas: Oxygen-free’ nitrogen must be available to zero the oxygen analyser. The line must be capable of supplying a maximum of 7 l/min with typical line pressures of about 103 kPa (15 psig).


The nitrogen must be dried before being passed through the oxygen analyser. This is most easily achieved by the use of an in-line column containing a desiccant such as silica gel regularly reactivated or replaced.


Water supply: The Cone Calorimeter requires cooling water for the heat flux gauge and the cold trap. It is a very minimal flow; a pressure regulator set at 250 kPa (35 psi) should be provided if the mains pressure is likely to undergo surges greater than this value.


Cooling water may be taken directly from the mains supply provided that it is clean and controllable. The water should be cooler than 25°C. A drain line is also required.


Dimensions: 1830mm (W) x 2650mm x (H) x 1150mm (D)

 Shipping weight – 550 Kg


Fume extraction: Hood capable of 50 l/s evacuation








BakerRuskinn 厭氧操作培養箱



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