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Camera and video systems

The new dimension in video images

We developed the trendsetting Sim.CAM camera system and Sim.SCREEN monitor mount specifically for detail-optimized recordings in the operating room with sharp contours and true-color representation. For maximum flexibility in the OR, we offer our cameras either built into the OR light head or on a separate arm – individually adjusted to meet your requirements.

Thanks to the latest wireless camera technology, all SIMEON surgical lights are camera-ready as standard. We also offer you the option of interchanging our cameras between the existing lights in different operating rooms – without needing any tools. 


Sim.CAM 4K and Sim.CAM 4K wireless*

More Details. Better Treatment.

Fascinating images—with clear, sharp contours and strikingly improved color. Details that Full HD was unable to depict are now clearly and distinctly visualized in 4K ULTRA HD.

High image quality
  • 4K ULTRA HD resolution of approx. 8,900,000 pixels (3840 x 2160)
  • Finely textured images with clear, sharp contours
  • Remarkably better colors for better attention to detail and a brilliant rendition.
Easy handling

Sim.CAM 4K:

  • All camera functions of the Sim.CAM 4K can be set directly on the camera arm controls

Sim.CAM 4K Wireless*:

  • Easy installation and modification or retrofitting of existing OR light systems
  • Manual and electronic image rotation
  • Flexible and independent operation via remote control
  • Optional operation via wall control unit

Technical data

Sim.CAM 4K and 4K Wireless*  
Resolution approx. 8,900,000 pixels
4K Ultra HD 3,840x2,160
Zoom 20 x optical
12 x digital
Image rotation Limitless, mechanical and electronically
Video outputs HDMI 1.4, DVI


Sim.CAM HD and Sim.CAM HD wireless

More Details. Great Flexibility.

The new Sim.CAM HD gives you a premium HD camera that transfers all data sharply and precisely from every selected position. The Sim.CAM HD Wireless, with state-of-the-art wireless technology, also transmits the camera images to your monitor without any additional wiring.

Technical data

Sim.CAM HD and Sim.CAM HD wireless  
Resolution 2,000,000 pixels
Full HD 1,920 x 1,080
Aspect ratio 16:9
Zoom 10 x optical (Sim.CAM HD only) or 30 x optical
12 x digital
Image rotation Limitless, mechanical and electronically
Video outputs HDSDI (Sim.CAM HD only), HDMI, DVI





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