Ninja 360˚ 前端可動式工業用內視鏡


360˚ 前端可動式工業用內視鏡

Articulating Video Borescope




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RF System Lab是遠端視覺檢測(RVI)和影像內視鏡技術的全球領導者。 VJ-Advance 轉向關節式影像內視鏡是我們的旗艦產品,為您提供高品質影像內視鏡檢測相機所需的所有功能,幾乎每個人都可以使用。



VJ-Advance Video Borescope Features & Benefits

RF System Lab is a worldwide leader in remote visual inspection (RVI) and video borescope technology. The VJ-Advance articulating video borescope, our flagship product, delivers all the features you would expect in a high-quality videoscope inspection camera at a price that makes it accessible to almost everyone.

VJ-Advance Product Overview

VJ-Advance borescopes overview diagram.

Full color LCD display for video and image capture                     Variable LED lighting allows for four levels of luminosity
The VJ-ADV Full-color LCD Display for video and image capture.          The VJ-ADV variable LED lighting, which allows for four levels of luminosity.


          Precise thumb control allows for full movement in all directions           Detatchable metal base to protect against dropping
The VJ-ADV video borescope's joystick, which allows precise thumb control for full movement in all directions.          The VJ-ADV video borescope's detachable metal base, which helps to protect against dropping.
Warranty, Repair and Loaner Program                         Uses standard AA batteries to eliminate downtime from recharging    
The VJ-ADV comes with a full one-year warranty.          The VJ-ADV battery pack, which allows maintenance professionals to benefit from having no down time.


          All-In-One unit includes hard shell case for protection on site                               Easy to use control panel
The VJ-Advance video borescope's hard shell case provides protection on site.          The VJ-ADV's control panel, which is easy to use.

Articulating Video Borescope NINJA-SCOPE Specifications

Specification comparison table
Model name φ2.8mm NINJA-SCOPE φ3.9mm NINJA-SCOPE φ6.9mm NINJA-SCOPE φ6.9mm NINJA-SCOPE-S
Insertion Tube Length
1.0m(39") 1.5m(59")/3.0m(118") 1.5m(59")/3.0m(118")/
Exterior Polyethylene Resin Stainless Steel Braid Polyethylene Resin
Waterproof Insertion Drip Proof Insertion Tube and Tip
Bending Radius Over R25mm Over R35mm Over R45mm
Chemical Compatibility Machine Oil, Heating Oil, Engine Oil, 3.5% Concentrated Saltwater, Diesel Fuel
Options Field of View (H/V) 70°/ 70° 72°/ 54°
F No. F 5.3 F 6.0
Depth of Field 10mm~ 40mm 15mm~ ∞ 20mm~ ∞
Illumination Method Optical Fiber 6 Super High-Intensity White LEDs 4 Super High-Intensity White LEDs
Articulation Articulation Angle 360° (over 90° in every direction)
Articulation Control Joystick with "Direct Control" Mechanism
Rigid Distal End Length 14mm 13mm 15mm
LCD Monitor 3.5inch Color Digital TFT 2.4inch Color Digital TFT
Observation Functions - 2X Digital Zoom -
- Internal-Camera-Module Temperature Display -
- Temperature Alarm Display -
Gain Adjustment Smart Gain Function at 5 Levels
Still Capture / Record Function Still Image Capturing
- LED Flash Capturing (Still image) -
Time-Lapse Recording and Video Recording Video Recording
Input / Output Terminal Video Output φ2.5mm Stereo Mini Jack for RCA Video Output (NTSC / PAL)
USB Output Mini B Terminal Ver.2.0 Video Capture Output (Includes Driver / Viewer Software)
Storage Storage Media MicroSD Card (Max. 2GB)
Still Image
400×400pixel 640×480pixel
Motion JPEG (AVI file extension)
400×400pixel 15~30fps 640×480pixel 15~30fps
Storage Capacity
(with 1GB MicroSD Card)
Still Image : Max. 500 pictures / Movie Recording : Approx. 60 minutes (Normal Mode) /
Approx. 9 hours (Time-lapse Mode)
Still Image : Max. 500 pictures /
Movie Recording : Approx. 60 minutes
Playback Function Still Image : Thumbnail 9-image Display / Full Screen Display / Video : Play, Pause
Menu Operation Image Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness)
Delete Stored Image
Time and Date Setting
Language : English / Japanese -
USB Mass Storage -
Operating Temperature
(Insertion Tube)
In Air : -30℃~60℃
(Without condensation)
In Air : -30℃~60℃ (-22°F~140°F) (Without condensation)
In Liquid : 10℃~30℃ (50°F~86°F)
Power Supply DC DC 6V (for AA alkaline batteries)
AC AC Adapter
(IN : 100V~240V, OUT : 6V / 2.5A)
AC Adapter (IN : 100V~240V, OUT : 6V / 0.85A)
Operating Time Max. 1 hour
(with four AA alkaline batteries)
Max. 1.5 hours
(with four AA alkaline batteries)
Max. 2 hours
(with four AA alkaline batteries)
Weight 470g / 16.5oz
(without batteries)
480g / 17oz
(without batteries at 1.5m length)
570g / 20oz
(without batteries at 1.5m length)
480g /17oz
(without batteries at 1.5m length)
Carrying Case 480×390×160 (mm)  Weight : 3.6kg / 7.9lbs





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