PC500-LV Sensadyne 液體表面張力試驗器


Sensadyne 液體表面張力試驗器

Sensadyne Fluid Surface Tensionmeter




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  PC500LV表面張力測定儀 Fully Automated High Performance的詳細資料:

Sensa Dyne表面張力測試儀是唯一商業測試儀器符合美國「動態表面張力測試氣泡技術方法ASTM Test Method D3825-90的標準」。

Sensadyne Fluid Surface Tensionmeter

Model PC500-LV Fully Automated High Performance


The PC500-LV uses a patented Maximum Bubble Pressure, Viscosity Compensated method for measuring both Dynamic & Static Surface Tension. This method fully meets ASTM Method D 3825-90, with no correction factors. All measurements are calibrated against known standards. The method is completely independent of probe depth and ambient pressure, and unaffected by foaming or surface contamination.


  • Automatic Calibration, temperature corrected, water and ethyl alcohol standard tables.
  • Viscosity Compensated design to correct for High Viscosity and High Solids Fluids
  • Automatic Surface Age Measurement in real-time. No supplemental calculations required
  • Pressure Testing From Ambient to 225 psi, with supplemental pressurized vessels and reactors
  • Automated Mass Flow Controllers. No manual flow adjustments
  • Computer Controlled Flow Rates for precise measurement and repeatability
  • Expanded Dynamic Flow Range from Milliseconds to Minutes, the widest range on the market
  • Precise Differential Flow Settings. All probes have individual Mass Flow Controllers


Technical Data

Bubble Speed:

MAX: 40+ Bubbles/Second (less than 3 Milliseconds)
MIN: 1 Bubble/2 Minutes+ (Optional Flow Elements for greater accuracy at lower flows)


±0.1 Dynes/Centimeter

Measurement Range:

1-500 Dynes/Centimeter

Temperature Range:

-55°C — 150°C

Sample Size:

Minimum 3 ml Nominal 25 ml up to laboratory test reactors (with special probes)

Computer Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium or compatible 32 bit processor.


8 MB used by the program, 16 MB for data acquisition, (32 MB recommended). Windows based.


VGA with screen resolution set to 800x600 or higher.

Gas Source:

Regulated dry air, Nitrogen or Inert process gas supply (user furnished)

Optional Accessories:

(Contact us for Your Specific Needs)
Optional Probe Materials for Adhesive or Viscous Fluids
Automatic System for Surfactant Dispensing Studies
Interchangeable Mass Flow Controller Flow Elements
Pressure Test Vessel
Process Control Package
Stainless Steel Fittings


Research and Developement

  • Dynamic & Equilibrium Surface Tension Measurements
  • Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) Determinations
  • Formulation Studies and Comparison Testing
  • 3-Dimensional Formulation Characterization
  • Fluid Research & Development
  • Surfactant Research & Testing
  • Viscous Fluid Measurement


Quality Control

  • Fluid Quality Control
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Contamination Testing
  • Batch Testing


In-Process and Pressure Applications

  • Continuous in-Process and Pilot Plant Reactor Measurements
  • Pressurized Surface Tension Measurements of Liquified Gases
  • Measurement of Liquid Aerosols & Pharmaceuticals under Pressure



Available Items

Item Number



Optional Model PC500-L Automatic Fluid Surface Tensiometer w/o viscosity compensation built-in


Model PC500-LV Automatic FS Tensiometer with viscosity compensation built-in





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