Flo-System AC 電磁感應式密閉管路用流量計

Flo-System AC


Insertable Electromagnetic Flowmeter Series




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Flo-System 282  技術規格:

‧使用管徑2"-96".(5-244 cm), (5-76.2 cm管徑選用1"感應頭, 15.2-249cm選用2"感應頭)
‧原   理: 電磁感應式,法拉第定律.

‧範   圍: -0.5 至 +20 ft/秒,

‧精確度:  ± 2 %讀值.

‧零點穩定性: ±0.03 ft/s(0.009m/s).

‧操作顯示: 數字顯示, 觸摸按鍵參數設定, 可選擇顯示, 流速, 總流量.

‧感應器材質: 聚胺酯Polyurethane直接置於測定水樣品中.

‧外殼為Nema 4X/IP65. 214x161.5x70mm(HxWxD).
‧安全標準符合 ANSI/ISA-S82.01-1988及S82.03-198.
‧電源:AC 110/220 V.

       1 x Flo-System 282

Compact state-of-the-art transmitter(s) available with 
menu-driven software for easy set-up.

A single patented probe with multiple sensor constantly measures shifting flow profiles unlike single point flowmeters. 5 year sensor warranty. Streamlined sensor shape does not disrupt water flow and has negligible pressure loss resulting in lower energy costs.


Specifications - Model 282

Volumetric flow in filled flow conduits 2" - 96" (5-244 cm) in diameter utilizing insertable velocity sensor. Flow indication in English or Metric units.

Local Velocity Measurement
Method: Electromagnetic (Faradays Law)
Range: -5 to +20 ft/s (-1.5 to +6.1 m/s)
Zero Stability: ±.05 ft/s (?5.2 mm/s)
Accuracy: ±2% of reading ±zero stability at -3 to +10 ft/s (-0.9 to +3 m/s)

Resolution: 0.01 ft/s (3.05 mm/s)

Pressure/Temperature Measurement
PVC Insertion Tube: 150 PSI up to 105°F
Stainless Steel Insertion Tube: 250 PSI up to 160°F (71°C)
(MMI recommends the use of Stainless Steel)

Sensor: Polyurethane exposed to flow
Cable: 20 ft. Polyurethane jacket
1" Sensor Mounting: 316 Stainless Steel exposed to flow.
2" Sensor Mounting: PVC and Ductile Iron exposed to flow. (Stainless Steel optional)
Compression Seal: Neoprene Rubber exposed to flow.

Sensor Selection
Pipe sizes 2" (5 cm) to 30" (76 cm) - 1" sensor (1" Sensor recommended for clean water applications only up to 30". Clean water applications over 30" should use 2" sensor.) Pipe sizes 6" (15 cm) to 96" (244 cm) - 2" sensor


NEMA 4X/IP65. Separate termination and electronics compartments. Glass filled polypropylene with clear clear polycarbonate cover.
Dimensions: 8.4"H x 6.4"W x 2.8"D
(214 mm x 161.5 mm x 70 mm)
Weight: 3.2 lbs. (1.,5 kg)

Configuration and Set-Up
Programming can be easily accomplished on site using the keypad. Two levels of user defined password protection are provided.

Analog: Galvanically isolated and fully programmable for zero and full scale. Output capability <16V (800 ohm, 4-20 mA). Secondary range enabled by external input or programmed alarm condition as a percent of full scale.

Pulse Frequency: One frequency/pulse output for flow rate and for external totalizer. Isolated protected transistor switch capable of sinking <250mA @ <35V.

Dual Alarms (2 separate outputs): Isolated protected transistor switch capable of sinking <250 mA@<35V. (Note: Not isolated from frequency output.) Fully programmable for high/low flow rates, empty-pipe, fault conditions, forward/reverse, polarity (normally open/close), analog over-range, pulse over-range, pulse cutoff, etc.

Electrical Connections
0.5 inch NPT with gasket seal

Keypad and Display
Can be used to access and change all set-up parameters using four membrane keys and 3-line display.
3-line, 16 character, backlit LCD display with large 1/2" numerals for flow rate and two lines for engineering units, totalizers, alarm status, velocity and percent of range.

Galvanic separation to 50VDC between analog, pulse/alarm, and earth/ground.

Electrical Safety
Meets ANSI/ISA-S82.10-1988 and S82.03-1998.

Power Supply
Universal switch mode.
AC: 85 to 265V to 400 Hz at 20VA max. or
DC: 11 to 40V at 20VA max.
AC or DC must be specified at time of ordering.

Vibration Specification
Meets BS2011: Part 2, 1 Fc: 1983

Internal Totalizer
9-digit totalizer. Can be programmed to reset via external input or the keypad. Reset from keypad can be password protected.

Test Mode and Output Circuit Loop Verification
After transmitter has been programmed, operation of the test mode will drive all outputs to programmed value, providing a total system test.




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