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GERO accessories are as variable as the creativity of our employees. Also in this field it is a fact that, in addition to our time-tested standard products, there is almost nothing that is impossible for us.



GERO 電氣高溫爐週邊零配件 系列

Gas Supply System (Type GSV)

All high temperature systems can be equipped with gas supply systems for the following protective and reactive gases:

Inert gases such as Ar and He
Reactive or poisonous gases such as H2, CO, CH4, C2H4, Silane, Cl2, HCl, NH3 etc.

High temperature furnaces with ceramic lining (e.g. HTK Type KE) also can be operated under air or pure O2.


Components Gas Supply System (Type GSV)

Mass flow controllers
Flow meters
Electrical or manual valves
Flow and pressure monitoring devices
Pressure reducers
Pressure tanks with flush gas
Monitored flare device for reactive gases
Gas warning sensors for poisonous or reactive gases




Vacuum Pump Systems

All high temperature systems can be equipped with vacuum pump systems and the appropriate accessories. Depending on the individual application and design of the system, the following final pressures can be reached:

Up to 5 mbar (Diaphragm pumps or one-stage rotary vane pumps)
Up to 10-2 mbar (two-stage rotary vane pumps)
Up to 10-3 mbar (Roots pumps)
Up to 10-4 mbar (Rotary vane pump with fine vacuum adsorption trap)
Up to 10-5 mbar (Turbo pumps)
Up to 10-6 mbar (Oil diffusion pumps)


Fine vacuum adsorption trap


Components Vacuum Pump Systems

Various particle filters
Vacuum valves, high vacuum gate valves
Pressure control valves
Cooling traps for the condensation of solvent vapours, organic binding agents, etc.
Pressure measuring devices from 1600 to 10-9 mbar
Dry compressing forepumps

Multi-stage water-cooled condensate trap


Thermal afterburner


Debinding, Thermal Afterburning

The material which is to be sintered or to be thermally treated often includes a certain percentage of organic components (e.g. solvents or binding agents, plasticizers, etc) which is to be decomposed without residues during the thermal process.

GERO offers the appropriate equipment for all high temperature furnaces, either for long-chain polymeric compounds, or for short-chain alcohols or paraffines (wax).

Multi-stage water-cooled condensate traps (fig.), collector pots
Thermal afterburning systems with patented advanced temperature control (ATC) technology (fig.)
Heatable gas pipes (maximum temperature 350 °C) with special seals
Controlled gas flow
Heatable vacuum chambers for a maximum temperature of 200 °C


Graphite retort for Type HTK 8

Feeding trolley

Sintering Aids, Loading Supports

We also make sure, of course, that the loading processes of the furnaces are as comfortable as possible. This includes the appropriate loading supports (e.g. lifting trucks) and also an effective use of the hot zone by means of appropriate sintering aids. We support our customers in both the selection of the material and also in the constructive design. The range of accessories for high temperature furnaces includes the following components:

Multisectional retorts of graphite, CFC or molybdenum (round or rectangular)
Stacking crucibles, trays and shelves of graphite or ceramics
Crucibles of pyrolytic graphite, e.g. for heavy metals which are aggressive when melted
Charging frames of graphite or CFC
Further sintering aids of SiC materials (e.g. RSiC, etc.)
Loading supports such as lifting trucks, arm brace lifting tables, etc.


Gas exhaust valve, manual


Further Accessories

Fast cooling system by means of gas circulation and heat exchanger
H2O evaporator in connection with condensation point sensors for a controlled gas humidification.
Gas or vacuum tight l sensors measuring O2 partial pressure from 1000 to 10-20 mbar.
Gas online analysis
and many others.


Vacuum valve with manometer

渦輪增壓真空泵浦 / Turbo pump




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