Nexus 3000 Nexus 3000 Highly versatile syringe pump 注射式幫浦

Nexus 3000

Nexus 3000 Highly versatile syringe pump 注射式幫浦

Highly versatile syringe pump

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Nexus 3000 Highly versatile syringe pump 注射式幫浦-行動條碼QR Code

Highly versatile syringe pump with instantaneous flow stabilization

  1. Flow rates: 0.00001µl/min to 300ml/min
  2. Accepts syringes up to 140 ml
  3. Infuse and Withdraw
  4. 10-channel and push/pull rack options

Max Performance -

The Nexus series syringe pumps are high-end fluid delivery systems designed to tackle extremely tough applications with high rate variation sensitivities due to high pressure and viscosity dosing.

Standard Features:

•Color Graphic LCD interface
•RS232 port standard for computer control
•Infuse/withdraw rack
•Gradient/multistep pumping function
•Stall detection

Users can program in (without a PC):

Constant flows
Variable/Punctuated flow profiles
Gradient flows
Advanced loops
*Or mix and match in our highly flexible interface.

Instantaneous Flow Stabilization (Nexus 3000)-

The Nexus 3000 syringe pump has high instantaneous flow stability with less than 8% of the nominal flow in nanoliter ranges for critical rate variation sensitive experiments. No other syringe pump system can come near these sub-microliter flows. Please ask Chemyx about this capability and option.

This system has a variable transmission that gives this unit the largest flow range of any syringe pump on the market. This system can "shift gears" to reach low picoliter rate and high 500ml/min rates - almost a 12 order magnitude difference.

The Nexus 3000 syringe pump can be equipped with a push/pull rack and a 10-channel infuse/withdraw rack.




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