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產品規格 :

Assays Magnetic bead, polystyrene bead (model dependent)
  • Multiplex assays
  • Bead-based ELISA
Cell-based assays
Protein arrays
Filtration-to-waste processes (model dependent)
Separation Biomagnetic separation, vacuum filtration (model dependent)
Microplate Types 96- and 384-well (model dependent)
Standard height and low profile
Solid and filter bottom (model dependent)
  • Filter pore sizes 0.45 µM to 1.2 µM
Shaking Programmable in minutes and seconds up to 60 minutes
Intensities - slow, medium, fast or variable
Soak Time Programmable in minutes and seconds up to 60 minutes
Magnet High strength 96-well format
Choice of two designs, custom for BioTek microplate washers:
- Flat-bottom well - beads pulled to band across well bottom
- Round-bottom well - beads pulled to button at well bottom
Ring - beads pulled to 4-zone ring at well bottom

Incorporated into carrier, removable for non-magnetic washing
Safety/Convenience/Maintenance Waste sensing, fluid detection (optional)
Aerosol cover
Overflow protection
Pre-programmed maintenance routines
Onboard Software 2 x 24 character LCD display
25 alphanumeric soft keys
Create, edit or run multiple protocols
Operating Temperature 15°C to 40°C (59° to 104° F)
Humidity 10% to 85%, non-condensing
Electrical Compatible with 100 to 240 V~ ± 10% @ 50-60 Hz
Manifold Types 96-well washing:
8-tube (1x8) manifold
12-tube (1x12) manifold 96-/384-well washing:
Dual-Action™ 16-tube (1x16) manifold

Washing Speed Solid bottom plates
3 asp./disp. cycles:> 300 µL/well, 96 wells, 8-tube manifold, final aspirate: < 130 seconds

Filter bottom plates:
Variable, based on wash parameters
Fluid Delivery One positive displacement syringe drive
Vacuum Filtration Selectable vacuum levels (final at 30 seconds):

0.45 µm 96-well plates:
Low: -91 mmHg
Medium: -150 mmHg
High: -313 mmHg

1.2 µm 96-well plates:
Low: -95 mmHg
Medium: -155 mmHg
High: -299 mmHg

Vacuum filtration time range: 1 to 180 seconds
Volume Range 25 - 3,000 µL/well (model dependent)
Selectable in 1 µL increments
Buffer Selection Automatic switching for up to 3 wash buffers (model dependent)
Flow Rates 1 - 9
Wash Cycles 1 - 10
Dispense Precision ≤3% CV
Residual Volume Solid bottom plates
≤2 µL/well

Filter bottom plates
Average increase weight of plate ≤1.2 g after dispensing 300 µL to 0.45 µm plate, filtration 30 seconds, low vacuum, blotted
Sterilization Chemical:
70% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol and 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution
Supply Bottle Volume 2 L
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 14"W x 16"D x 6.5"H (35.6 x 40.6 x 16.5 cm)
Weight 22 lbs (9.8 kg)
Regulatory CE and TUV marked. In Vitro Diagnostic use models are available.






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