K87100 全自動潘馬氏閉杯式閃火點測定儀 K87100


全自動潘馬氏閉杯式閃火點測定儀 K87100

Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester K87100




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l   符合美國ASTM D93及相關規範

l   雙閃火點檢測系統(熱電偶和電離),用於測量含有水和/或矽樣品

l   燃氣或電動點火

l   閃火點操作範圍介於0400

l   簡單的自動化常式讓操作更簡便

l   大螢幕顯示可遠距離觀看測試狀態

l   自動氣壓校正


K87100全自動潘馬氏閉杯式閃火點測試儀準確地測定燃料、潤滑油、含有固體懸浮液體等在規定試驗條件下能形成表面膜的液體的閃火點。閃火點測試只需要把裝有樣品的測試杯放入試驗位置並選擇操作者設定的程序。可以測定未知樣品的閃火點,也包括瀝青在內。 自動化程序提供準確的測試結果,即使缺少經驗的操作者也可以使用。閃火點測試結果會自動更正為標準壓力( 101.3千帕)。此設備裝置不同的Pt-100 RTD 探針依照ASTM D93-02a E1-03a規定,設計為能複製玻璃管水銀溫度計的反應時間。該系統具備多重感應器可以不斷監測儀器運行狀況,如果發現問題則顯示的錯誤信息。電動點火器需要定時檢查,用戶應定期更換。該系統易於與外部的電腦連接,並進行操作和更新。在進行試驗時,系統會顯示攪拌速度,溫度曲線(也可列印出來),和目前的測試狀態。在實驗結束後,儀器會提醒用戶第一次點火器是否有閃火點。如果閃火點被檢測不在30 -400 ℃之間 ,儀器會自動停止。簡單的通風系統或外部水冷卻能產生快速降溫環境,提高儀器效率。(包括軟體)



符合標準:ASTM D93; IP 34; ISO 2719; DIN EN 22719; NF M 07-019; JIS K2265

電源:115/230V 50/60Hz, 單相

尺寸 LxWxH(cm) 26x5.53x50






Auto Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
• Conforms to ASTM D93 and related specifications
• Dual flash point detection system (thermal and ionization) for
measurement of samples containing water and/or silicone
• Gas or electric ignition
• Flash point operation range between ambient and 400°C
• Simple automation routine for easy operation
• Large viewing screen for observing test status at a distance from the unit
• Automatic barometric correction


The automated Pensky-Martens flash point tester accurately determines thelowest flash point temperature of fuels, lubricating oils, and homogenous liquids (ASTM D93 A), or liquids containing suspended solids as well as liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing (ASTM D93 B). Flash point tests are simply conducted by mounting the flash cup filled with sample into the test position and selecting a pre- or user-programmed test method. A quick search method allows for determination of flash points for unknown samples and a method for asphalts is also included. The automation routines provide accurate test results, even with users inexperienced in flash point test methods. The flash point test result is automatically corrected to standard pressure (101.3 kPa). The unit is equipped with a differential Pt-100 RTD probe designed to duplicate the response time of a mercury-in-glass thermometer as per ASTM D93-02a and E1-03a. The system features multiple sensors for continually monitoring of instrument function and displaying an error message if a problem is detected. The performance of the electrical ignitor is continuously checked, and the user is notified upon the need of replacement due to either damage or the end of its useful life. The system is easily interfaced with an external PC for operation and method updates. When performing a test, the system will display the stirring speed, temperature curve (also printed out), and current test status. The system alerts the user if the first application of the ignitor results in a flash or if no flash point is detected at the end of the test program. If a flash is not detected 30°C above the expected flash point or at 400°C, then the test is automatically aborted for safety. An easy connection to the air ventilation system or external water connection provides a quick cool down between test runs for operational efficiency.



Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D93; IP 34; ISO 2719; DIN EN 22719; NF M 07-019; JIS K2265
Electrical Requirements:
115V 60Hz 1000W
230V 50Hz 1000W
Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)10.25x21x19.75(26x5.53x50)
Net Weight: 44 lbs (20kg)






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