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ASTM E662,BS640,/ISO5659- NBS 煙霧試驗箱 ASTM E662, BS6401,ISO5659-2

ASTM E662,BS640,/ISO5659-

NBS 煙霧試驗箱 ASTM E662, BS6401,ISO5659-2

NBS Smoke Test Chamber ASTM E662,BS6401,ISO5659-2




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NBS 煙霧試驗箱 ASTM E662, BS6401,ISO5659-2-行動條碼QR Code


ISO5659-2,BS6401,ASTM E662,IMO FTPC PART 2,NES711,BSS 7239,AITM 3.0005,AITM3.0005,ABD0031


傳統上一直採用其垂直測試配置,符合BS6401和ASTM E662,並在本頁圖像中進行了顯示。此方向也用於FAA測試。最新的水平配置如左側的縮略圖之一所示。樣品通過錐形加熱器暴露在水平平面上。此測試方法(ISO 5659第2部分)廣泛用於塑料以及船舶和鐵路應用中使用的產品的評估中。最新的EN 45545-2歐洲機動車輛著火測試標準已採用ISO5659-2作為測試方法組的一部分,該方法將用於鐵路行業以對產品和材料進行認證。此外,使用我們的毒性試驗箱選配部件可將煙霧試驗箱用於毒性測量,該選件符合BSS 7239和AITM 3.0005方法。


•用戶可以選擇所需的配置,以使設備符合BS 6401 / ASTM E662或ISO5659-2的強制性要求,或者可以在兩種設備規格之間進行熱插拔
• 標準的不銹鋼試驗室,具有額外的耐腐蝕塗層
• 加熱室壁
• 全尺寸室門,包括觀察窗和遮蓋門
• 儀器面板位於試驗室左側,易於操作
• 固定輻照度垂直加熱器(25kW /m²)
• 使用最先進的PMT模組的垂直光度光學系統(強制性)
• 按鈕/軟體控制的樣品定位系統
• 按鈕/軟體控制的氣動下通風口組件,帶有大容量排風扇,可在測試後有效排煙
• 按鈕/軟體控制的氣動上通風口
• 多頭,多角度不銹鋼引燃器
• 精確的加溫爐控制,允許軟體控制的加溫爐校正
• 根據BS6401和ASTM E662進行爐校準的定制輻射計
• 易於更換防噴板
• 內置端口以採集氣體採樣管
• 控制和數據採集系統,包括DAQ硬件,筆記型電腦和廣泛的軟體套件
• 完整的使用說明書

電氣:110V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz
尺寸:1560mm(寬)x 2220mm x(高)x 1060mm(D –含筆記型電腦)
丙烷:流量需要能夠以最小5 KPa的壓力輸送20ml / min
壓縮空氣:在標稱壓力為400 Kpa時,流量必須能夠以750ml / min的速度輸送



NBS Smoke Chamber

ISO5659-2, BS6401, ASTM E662, IMO FTPC PART 2, NES711, BSS 7239, AITM 3.0005, AITM3.0005, ABD0031

The Smoke Chamber has proved to be one of the most versatile fire testing instruments since it’s inception in the 1980’s. It is the most widely accepted apparatus for the measurement of smoke from burning materials and measures specific optical density under flaming and non-flaming conditions. It is also used for the extraction of toxic gas.

Its vertical testing configuration, conforming to BS6401 and ASTM E662, has traditionally been the arrangement used and is shown in the images on this page. This orientation is also used for FAA testing. The more recent horizontal configuration is as shown in one of the thumbnails on the left. The sample is exposed in the horizontal plain by a conical heater. This test method, ISO 5659 Part 2, is widely used in the evaluation of plastics and for products used in marine and railway applications. The recent EN 45545-2 European rolling stock fire testing standard has adopted ISO5659-2 as part of the group of test methods to be used in the railway industry for the certification of products and materials. In addition the smoke chamber can be utilised for toxicity measurements using our toxicity chamber option, which is compliant with methods BSS 7239 and AITM 3.0005.

The Concept Smoke Chamber incorporates all the necessary features and software needed to complete tests, in as simple, ergonomic and user friendly way as possible.

Specification and Features
•The user can choose the configuration required such that the equipment complies with the mandatory requirements of BS 6401/ASTM E662 or ISO5659-2, or hot swappable between both apparatus specifications
•Standard stainless steel chamber with additional corrosion resistant finish
•Heated chamber walls
•Full size chamber door, including an observation window and covering door
•Instrument panel to left of chamber for ease of operation
•Fixed irradiance vertical oriented heater (25kW/m²)
•Vertical photometric optical system using state of the art PMT module (mandatory)
•Push button/software controlled sample positioning system
•Push button/software controlled pneumatic lower vent assembly with high capacity extraction fan to efficiently extract smoke following a test
•Push button/software controlled pneumatic upper vent
•Multi-tip, multi-angle stainless steel pilot burner
•Precise furnace control allowing software controlled furnace calibration
•Bespoke radiometer for furnace calibration as per BS6401 and ASTM E662
•Easy to replace blow-out panel
•Built in ports to take gas sampling tubes
•Control and data acquisition system including DAQ hardware, Laptop and extensive  software package
•Full operating instruction manual

Technical Data & Requirements
Electrical: 110V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
Dimensions: 1560 mm (W) x 2220 mm x (H) x 1060 mm (D – incl. laptop)
Gas Supplies: The preferred fuel gas used in the test is a mixture of air & propane
Propane: The flow needs to be capable of delivering 20ml/min at a minimum pressure of 5 KPa
Compressed Air: The flow needs to be capable of delivering 750ml/min at a nominal pressure of 400 Kpa
This is required to obtain flame stability for testing




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