ISO6940, ISO6941, BS 5438 EN ISO6940,6941.BS 5438 織品垂直燃燒試驗機

ISO6940, ISO6941, BS 5438

EN ISO6940,6941.BS 5438 織品垂直燃燒試驗機

Vertical Textile Test Apparatus EN ISO6940, ISO6941, BS 5438




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EN ISO6940,6941.BS 5438 織品垂直燃燒試驗機-行動條碼QR Code

EN ISO 6940和6941測試廣泛應用於整個行業,尤其是在紡織和服裝製造行業,該行業被廣泛用於測試織物和其他機織材料產品。 該測試測量垂直定向樣品的火焰蔓延速率。
標准設備符合EN ISO 6940和6941標準的強制性要求。
可以在設備上執行其他測試方法,例如BS 5867/5438系列測試,需要購買其他模板和品架。

• 高品質的不銹鋼儀器底盤,帶有樣品架定位和滾輪組件
• 包括2個不銹鋼樣品架。一種用於EN ISO 6940,一種用於EN ISO 6941
• 完全兼容的燃燒器,帶指針控制閥
• 半自動控制火焰施加時間和螺紋開關/計時器
• 0°和30°角燃燒器支撐組件,“ Y”和“ Z”調整可精確定位燃燒器
• 包括標記線包450m和雜物/滴水盤
• 包括用於調節40mm和25mm火焰的火焰高度墊片
• 包括水平面點火火焰隔片(0°)和邊緣點火火焰隔片(30°)
• 控制面板上的單個按鈕可啟動/關閉氣源,確保輕鬆隔離系統
• 緊急停止按鈕可遏止燃料和動力,以確保最大的安全性
• 非常適合用於質量控制應用程序以及開發和分析新材料的工具

電氣:110至230 V – 5 Amps
尺寸:500mm(W)x 820mm x(H)x 660mm(D)
氣體供應:測試中首選的燃氣是丙烷。 根據測試標準,丁烷或兩者的混合物均可接受。 獲得30°火焰穩定性所需的壓力必須在10 kPa和50 kPa之間。



Vertical Textile Test Apparatus

ISO6941, ISO6940, BS 5438
The EN ISO 6940 and 6941 tests are extensively applied throughout industry especially in the textile and apparel manufacturing industries, where it is widely used for the testing of fabrics and other woven material products. The test measures the rate of flame spread for vertically oriented samples.

This new model available from Concept Equipment utilises modern technology and has been designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure that testing is as user friendly as possible.

Standard equipment complies with the mandatory requirements of EN ISO 6940 and 6941 standards.

Other test methods can be performed on the apparatus, such as the BS 5867/5438 series of tests with the purchase of additional templates and sample holders.

Specification and Features:
• High quality stainless steel instrument chassis with specimen holder location and thread roller assemblies
• 2 off stainless steel specimen holders are included. One for EN ISO 6940 and one for EN ISO 6941
• Fully compliant burner complete with needle control valve
• Semi-automated control of flame application time and thread switches/timers
• 0° and 30° angle burner support assembly with ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ adjustment for fine location of burner
• Marker thread pack 450m and Debris/drip tray included
• Flame height spacer for 40mm and 25mm flame adjustment included
• Horizontal surface ignition flame spacer (0°) and Edge Ignition flame spacer (30°) included
• A single push-button on the control panel activates/deactivates the gas supplies ensuring the system is isolated easily
• Emergency stop button to kill gas and power to ensure maximum safety
• Ideal for use in quality control applications as well as a tool for the development and analysis of new materials

Technical Data & Requirements:
Electrical: 110 to 230 V – 5 Amps
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
Dimensions: 500mm (W) x 820mm x (H) x 660mm (D)
Gas Supplies: The preferred fuel gas used in the test is propane. Butane or a mixture of both is acceptable according to the test standard. The pressure required to obtain flame stability at 30° needs to be between 10 kPa and 50 kPa.
No other restrictions should be used as this will reduce the flow rates.




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