i- Raman® i- Raman® 拉曼系統(532nm/785nm)

i- Raman®

i- Raman® 拉曼系統(532nm/785nm)

i- Raman®

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i- Raman® 拉曼系統(532nm/785nm) 

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Sensitive, Versatile, Simple

The i-Raman® is unique for its high resolution combined with field-portability, with performance comparable to large bench-top Raman systems and weighing less than 7 lbs. The system’s small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provides research grade Raman capabilities anywhere!
Applications: Features:

  Bioscience and Medical Diagnosis

  Pharmaceutical Industry

  Raman Microscopy

  Polymers and Chemical Processes

  Environmental Science

  Forensic Analysis Gemology


  Geology and Mineralogy

  Food & Agriculture Industry

  Semiconductor & Solar Industry

   Spectral Resolution of 3cm-1

   175cm-1 of the Rayleigh Line

     65cm-1 Option Available

   Wide Raman Shift Coverage

   Patented CleanLaze® Technology for Laser Stabilization

   TE Cooled 2048 Pixel Array

   Fiber Optic Interface for Convenient Sampling


Why Choose Raman?

   No Sample Preparation Required

   Measure Through Glass, Quartz, Plastic (Non-contact)

   Samples Can Be Solid, Liquid or Gas, Transparent or Opaque

   Small Sample Size to Reduce Cost

   Wide Spectral Coverage For Diversity of Applications

   Cleaner and More Precise Spectra than FTIR or NIR


   Raman Probes

   Cuvette Holder

   Probe Holder

   Video Microscope

   Microscope Adaptor

   Raman Flow Cells

   Laser Safety Goggles




532nm Excitation

> 50mW

785nm Excitation

> 300mW

830nm Excitation

> 300mW

Laser Linewidth (FWHM)

< 0.3nm

Laser Power Control

532nm, 785nm, 830nm





175cm-1  - 4000cm-1

~ 4.0cm-1 @ 614nm


175cm-1  - 3300cm-1

~ 3.0cm-1 @ 614nm


175cm-1 - 3200cm-1

~ 4.5cm-1 @ 912nm


175cm-1  - 2700cm-1

~ 3.5cm-1 @ 912nm


200cm-1- 2300cm-1

~ 4.0cm-1 @ 912nm


Detector Type

TE Cooled Linear Array

Pixel Number


Pixel Size

14µm x 200µm

TE Cooling Temperature


Dynamic Range

300:1 (Typical)

Digitization Resolution

16-bit or 65,535:1

Readout Speed

500 kHz

Integration Time

5ms - 65,535ms


Computer Interface

USB 2.0 / 1.1

Trigger Mode


                                                                  Power Options

DC (Standard)

5V DC @ 8 Amps

AC (Optional)

100 - 240V AC, 50 - 60Hz


Optional w/ DC only



6.7 x 13.4 x 9.2in (17 x 34 x 23.4cm)


~6.6 lbs (~3 kg)

Operating Temperature

10˚C - 35˚C

Storage Temperature

-10˚C - 60˚C


10% - 85%



Creating Raman Scatter

In Raman spectroscopy, it is essential to utilize a clean, narrow bandwidth laser due to the fact that the quality of the Raman peaks are directly affected by the sharpness and stability of the delivered light source. The i-Raman® spectrometer system features a patented CleanLaze® technology with a linewidth < 0.3nm when equipped with our 785nm and 830nm. laser. This technology results in the correct center wavelength and avoids the phenomenon of “mode hopping.” In addition, the laser output power can be adjusted in the software from 0 - 100%, allowing you to maximize the signal-to- noise ratio and minimize integration time.


Normalized Power (dB)

Laser lifetime of 10,000 hours ensures quality data for years to come!


Optimized for Raman Spectroscopy

The spectrometer design in the i-Raman® is dedicated for Raman applications. You can customize your spectrometer by choosing from a variety of excitation wavelengths. In addition, each configuration can be further customized for your individual detection needs. Choose from wider spectral range or high resolution optimized systems. Research grade spectral resolution of 3cm can be achieved with our double pass transmission optics. Most Raman applications do not requir esuchtightre solution, so a wider spectral range would be the better choice in that case. The high- throughput optical layout of all i-Raman® configurations are ideal for those low-light level Raman applications.

Collects Data within 175cm-1 of the Rayleigh Line

The center wavelength of the laser line is precisely maintained even when the peak power is increased by utilizing a series of high end filters. A laser line filter is used to clean up any side bands and ensure a narrow excitation is delivered to the sample by removing all secondary excitation lines before exciting the sample. The light collected from the sample is then filtered via a notch filter. Finally, an ultra steep long pass filter further removes lingering laser lines to allow accurate measurement of Raman peaks as close as 175cm from the Rayleigh line. An E-grade filter upgrade is available, allowing the measurement of Raman peaks as close as 65cm-1 from the Rayleigh line.


Easy Transition Between Sample Types

The probe allows for measurement of various materials in the form of liquids, gels, powders, or solids under both lab conditions (lab grade) or demanding environmental conditions (industrial grade). Constructed with state-of-the-art telecom packaging techniques, the probe has a flexible fiber coupling encased in a durable protective jacketing material which delivers Rayleigh scatter rejection as high as 10 photons per billion. Wavelength excitation probes come in 532nm, 785nm, or 830nm.

Custom wavelength excitation probes available.

Room Temperature



Cooled Detector for Low-Light Level Detection

Cooling an array detector with a built-in thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is an effective way to reduce dark current and noise to enhance the dynamic range and detection limit. The graphs below show the dark current and noise for an uncooled versus a cooled CCD detector at an integration time of 30 seconds. Operating at room temperature, the dark current nearly saturates the uncooled CCD. When the CCD is cooled to 10˚C, the dark current is reduced by four times. This allows the spectrometer to operate at long integration times and detect weak optical signals.

Dark Current: Uncooled vs. Cooled CCD Detectors at 30 Seconds

Cooled to 10˚C





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