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Series of On-line Colorimetric Analyzers

The EnviroLyzer® Series are essentially on-line colorimeters for water applications, harnessing many features and techniques that were originally developed for our industrial, state of the art process analyzers. The flexible analyzer mainframe allows a perfect on-line duplicate of any standard/laboratory wet-chemical method, with an excellent analytical performance:

@ Automatic and highly precise colorimetric measurements
@ Standard smart automatic features
@ Standard 4 – 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
@ Higher measuring ranges by internal dilution
@ Optionally multiple stream analysis

Managing both quantity and quality of water resources is a challenging task for companies, utility industries and authorities. On-line monitoring helps them to measure quickly and effectively all the relevant parameters in the water, whether it comes from a natural source or an industrial site. The EnviroLyzer® Series are the perfect solution for monitoring applications in waste water, boiler feed water, surface water and drinking water.

The standard EnviroLyzer® Series are equipped with a new compact dust- and splash-proof analyzer enclosure consisting of a powder coated steel back, combined with an ergonomic ABS hinged part. Purging with instrument air is possible in case of extreme humidity or risk of accumulation of corrosive gases.

AppliTek’s proprietary controller-database software UPAMATIC® is used in the industrial panel PC of the EnviroLyzer® Series. The fully integrated software platform comes standard with every analyzer as the human interface but also features a host of functions specifically designed for industrial monitoring needs such as fast data acquisition, industry standard connectivity and various data exchange to supervision possibilities.

Advanced features:

@ On-line, automatic colorimetric measurements
@ Single methodology, single parameter, factory set measuring range
@ Standard measuring ranges with optional internal dilution for high to very high ranges
@ Minimalistic design: small footprint, less complexity
@ Complete separation between electronics and wet part
@ Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially
@ Up to six (6) sampling points possible
@ Incorporated industrial panel PC with AppliTek controller software
@ Extended data communication and exchange features

Parameters: Aluminium, Ammonia, Boric acid, Boron, Calcium, Calcium and magnesium, Chlorate, Chloride, Chlorine, Chromium (total), Chromium III, Chromium VI, Color, Copper, Cyanide, DEHA, Formaldehyde, Free Chloride, Free Cyanide, Hardness, Hydrazine, Iron, Iron II, Iron III, Magnesium, Manganese II, Manganese III, Nickel, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ortho-phosphate, Permanganate, Phenol, Phosphate, Silica, Silicium dioxide, Sulphate, Sulphide, Thiocyanate, Total chromium, Total hardness, Total iron, Total zinc, Urea, Zinc, Zinc (total)




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