Flow-Dar 雷達波非接觸式計算面積與流速之開放渠道流量計



Flo-Dar™ Radar Velocity / Area Open Channel Flowmeters




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FLO-DAR 450  技術規格: 
專利型雷達波式感應器, 可同時測量水位及流速.
適用含高固型物, 高溫, 鹼性, 大流速(±6m/s)等水樣.
安裝時勿需與水樣接觸, 維護容易.

測定原理: 24 Giga-Hz 雷達波式.
測定範圍: ±2.5 至 +20 呎/秒.(±0,8 - 6.1 m/s)
精  確  度: ±0.5%.
測定原理: 超音波感應式, 溫度補償.
測定範圍: 0.25 至 60 英吋.(0.65 - 152 cm)
精  確  度: ±0.25".(±0.64 cm).
測定原理: Piezo 阻抗壓力感應.
測定範圍: 138 英吋.    
總流量再現性: ±5%.
雷達感應器材質: PU, 4.8Kg, IP68 防水接頭.
‧流量顯示器: VGA LCD 數字顯示. 觸摸按鍵控制.

顯示水位, 流速, 流率, 總流量.
輸出訊號: 4-20 mA.
電源: 85-264 VAC, 或 18-36 VDC.
外殼為NEMA 4, 3.4Kg.

1 x FLO-DAR 感應器(訊號線長度9m).
1 x 流量顯示器 Model: 450
1 x Sensor Installation Kit

FLO-DAR 460 技術規格: 

專利型雷達波式感應器, 可同時測量水位及流速.
適用含高固型物, 高溫, 鹼性, 大流速(±6m/s)等水樣.
‧安裝時勿需與水樣接觸, 維護容易.

測定原理: 24 Giga-Hz 雷達波式.
測定範圍: ±2.5 至 +20 呎/秒.(±0,8 - 6.1 m/s)
‧精  確  度: ±0.5%.

測定原理: 超音波感應式, 溫度補償.
測定範圍: 0.25 至 60 英吋.(0.65 - 152 cm)
精  確  度: ±0.25".(±0.64 cm).
測定原理: Piezo 阻抗壓力感應.
測定範圍: 138 英吋.
總流量再現性: ±5%.
操作軟体(Flow-Ware): 顯示測定點, 水位, 流速, 流率, 總流量.
雷達感應器材質: PU, 4.8Kg, IP68 防水接頭.
‧訊號接收器 #460: 記憶容量 64 K.

RS232C 輸出端.
外殼為IP68 Polyurethane材質, 3.4Kg.

1 x FLO-DAR 感應器(訊號線長度9m). 
‧1 x 訊號接收器  Model: 460.

1 x Flow-Ware 操作軟体.
1 x Sensor Installation Kit


Portable and Permanent Models Now AvailableFlo-Dar Back Lit Graphic WEFTEC 99.jpg (150425 bytes)

Two types of sensor mounts available:
Temporary Mount (no fastening hardware or structure modification -  tension type device).  Permanent Mount (fastens to structure wall)

The Flo-Dar Flowmeter provides a revolutionary approach to open channel flow monitoring. Flo-Dar combines advanced radar velocity sensing technology with ultrasonic pulse echo level sensing to remotely measure open channel flows.

Perfect solution for Difficult Flow Conditions:

‧Flows with High Solids Content
‧High Temperature Flows
‧Caustic Flows
‧Large Man-Made Channels
‧High Velocities
‧Shallow Flows


‧Personnel have no contact with the flow during installation.
‧Maintenance caused by sensor fouling is eliminated
‧No Profiling Required
‧Field Replaceable/Interchangeable Sensors and Monitors

Heres How It Works
Flo-Dar transmits a beam that interacts with the fluid and reflects back signals at a different frequency than that which was transmitted. These reflected signals are compared with the transmitted frequency. The resulting frequency shift provides an accurate measure of the velocity and the direction of the flow. Level is detected by ultrasonic pulse echo. Flow is then calculated based on the Continuity Equation Q = V x A, Where Q = Flow, V = Average Velocity and A = Area.

Accurate Flow Measurements
Flo-Dar provides the user with highly accurate flow measurements under a wide range of flows and site conditions.
By measuring the velocity of the fluid from above, Flo-Dar eliminates accuracy problems inherent with submerged sensors including sensor disturbances, high solids content and distribution of reflectors.

Flo-Dar Model 460/Model 450  Radar Based Velocity/Area Flowmeters  
Introducing Flo-Dar™...The perfect solution for your difficult flow monitoring problems. Flo-Dar™ uses non-contact Radar Technology to allow you to measure flow from above the fluid. Flo-Dar™ provides the user with highly accurate flow measurements under a wide range of flows and site conditions.  

Specifications --- Flo-Dar Open Channel Flowmeter
Sensor for Model 450 and 460
Material - Polystyrene
                 Dimensions - W6.9" x L16.65" x D11.7"
Temperature: Operating range - -35 to +50 degree C.
                    Storage range: -40 to +60 degree C.
Sensor Cable: Material - Polyurethane jacketed
                     Standard length - 9.14m., Max. 152.4m.
                     Disconnectable at both sensor and monitor
Flow Measurement:
   Based on continuity equation.
   Accuracy: ±5.0% of reading typical where flow is in a
   channel with uniform flow conditions and is not
Velocity Measurement:
   Method - Radar
   Range- 0.75 to 20 ft/s.
   Accuracy - ±0.5%; ±0.1 ft/s.
Level Measurement:
   Method - Ultrasonic
   Operating range - 0.25 to 60 in.
   Temperature compensated
   Accuracy - ±0.25 in., 1% accuracy
Surcharge level measurement:
   Method - Piezo-resistive pressure transducer
   Maximum range - 138 inches
Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Permanent Monitor -- Model 450
Graphic Display:

   Passive matrix color LCD, 320 x 240 quarter VGA
   Dimension - 4.6 x 3.6".
   Displays flow rate, flow totals, average velocity and 
Data Entry:
   Touch screen keypad; Menu-driven programming
Time base accuracy: 1 second per day
   4-20mA outputs - Isolated with up to 600 ohm load per
   output. Two outputs standard.
   Each output selectable between flow rate, velocity or
Contact Closure: one form C dry contact closure 
   selectable for either flow proportional or alarm for either 
   flow rate, velocity or level., Rating - 1A 30VDC, 0.5A 
Power requirements: AC 85 ~ 264VAC, 47 ~ 63 Hz. 32W.
   Material - NEMA 4, ABS Plastic
   Dimensions - W10.2" x H13" x D 7.25"
Portable Monitor -- Model 460
Data Storage: 64K (16K cycles of velocity/level data)
Local Terminal: RS232C at 19.2K baud.
Power Requirements: 12VDC.
Battery Life: 10 weeks at a sample interval of 15 minutes.
Housing: Sealed watertight (IP68) polyurethane enclosure.
   Length 12", Diameter 7.125".
   Weight 7.5 lbs. (including batteries)
Sensor/Logger disconnect: Both the sensor and the logger
   have waterproof (IP68) connectors for easy separation
   from the interconnecting cable.
Data Retrieval: Flo-Ware for Windows software (sold
   separately) is the user on-site data management and
   report generation soft-ware for the Model 460. It is
   compatible with computers (desktop and portable)
   utilizing Windows 95/98/NT. Flo-Ware for Windows
   software can retrieve data from both Flo-Tote and
   Flo-Dar Model 460 Flowmeters.




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