Multi-Mag285 電磁感應式多點平均值流量計



Multi-Mag Insertable Averaging Flowmeter Model 285




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Multi-Mag Insertable Averaging Flowmeter Model 285

5-Year Sensor Warranty 

High Temperature Sensor Now Available


Multi-Mag 285 技術規格:


‧多點電磁式感應器, 可自動求取平均流速, 安裝容易.
‧適用有逆流情況, 低流量, 彎管前後, 直管位置.

全套包括:  1 x Multi-Mag  #285
‧1 x 插入式電磁感應裝置(含20訊號線)

選購配件:   NIPPLE, VALVE, 不銹鋼支撐架

‧適用管徑尺寸: 4" 至 120". (10.2 - 300 cm).
‧測定原理: 電磁感應式.
‧流量零點穩定度: ± 0.03 呎/秒 (0.009 m/s).
‧流量精度: 讀值 ± 1%, 具有逆流指示.
‧流量線性: 讀值  0.3%.
‧流量再現性: 0.20%.
‧最大流速測定範圍: 管徑為 300mm 至 1000mm 時可達 12m/s.
‧感應器材質: 玻璃纖維

‧訊號線材質: Polyurethane, 長度為 6米, 支撐架為不銹鋼材質.
‧顯  示  器: 觸摸式按鍵控制. LCD數位顯示流速, 流率, 總流量, 單位.
‧儀器外殼: 為 NEMA 4X / IP65, 21.4 x 16.3 x 7 cm.(HxWxD)
‧電        源: AC 110/220 V / 60Hz 或 DC 11 - 40V.

Ideal laboratory conditions are rarely found in any water system. Low flows, wide flow ranges, bends, elbows, and even the obstruction of the measuring device affect accuracy. The Multi-Mag Insertable Electromagnetic Averaging Flowmeter is truly a revolutionary instrument with unprecedented accuracy even in these most difficult flow conditions.

Until recently, expensive spool-piece magmeters, turbine meters, and other insertable flowmeters that only provide a single point measurement were utilized. After years of extensive testing and hundreds of installations worldwide, the patented Multi-Mag flowmeter provides you with multiple measuring points precisely positioned according to your pipe size to making this the most accurate flowmeter available.

Typical Applications include:

‧Custody Transfer
Water Treatment Processes
Distribution Management

Ideal for the measurement of the following:

‧Potable Water, Chilled Water, Raw Water, Water containing Sand and Grit
Other debris-free water applications

The Multi-Mag flowmeter was tested by the Water Research Center, (WRc), a highly respected organization with strong ties to international regulatory, utility and industrial concerns.  The center was asked by several large water companies in England to evaluate the Multi-Mag sensors ability to obtain accurate flow rate information in ideal and non-ideal flow conditions. Marsh-McBirney performed admirably in all tests.  The final conclusion of the report is "The Marsh-McBirney Multi-Mag should be considered as a useful alternative to a full bore magmeter in many situations." Contact MMI today and request a copy of the WRc Report.

Multi-Mag High Strength Probe for Large Pipes and/or High Velocities (Fits 3 Inch Taps)

The Multi-Mag™ Magmeter is ideal for the following applications:

Potable Water
Cooling Water
Raw Water
Filter Balancing
Backwash Monitoring


Electromagnetic (no ports to clog)
Installs close to bends/elbows
Streamlined sensor shape creates negligible pressure loss
Never requires calibration

Additional Model 285 Product InformationTests performed by NIST verify Multi-Mags 1% accuracy.

Multi-Mag tests performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) verify that Marsh-McBirneys Multi-Mag consistently supplies accurate information according to the NIST standard.

Multi-Mag™s 1% accuracy specification has been verified by independent testing laboratories to assure you that we will meet our published accuracy specification.


‧Proven electromagnetic sensor technology.
Ideal for difficult flow conditions, i.e. low flows, wide flow ranges, bend and elbow installations, and vertical pipes.
Ideal for potable water, raw water, cooling water, and water containing sand and grit.
Multiple measuring points tailored to your pipe size constantly profile the flow providing unsurpassed accuracy.
Installs in minutes without system shutdown.
Automatic sensing and correction for shifting profiles.
Streamlined sensor provides minimal pressure drop.
Drastically reduces operating costs. Requires significantly less energy to operate than most flowmeters.
Costs substantially less than most flowmeters whose cost increase substantially as pipe size increases.




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