UIP250 超音波震盪主機



Ultrasonic Sieving for Laboratories

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德國 hielscher    Ultrasonic Sieving for Laboratories

高效率超音波震盪篩選機   Model:UIP250

相對於其他品牌的超音波型篩選機,hielscher 提供更經濟的選擇ㄕP直徑的篩網 (Sieve)只需添購適用的Ring Sonotrode,不需更換主機。





The ultrasound technology is used for the acceleration of sieving processes alternatively or complementary to the classical low frequency vibrators. Especially in case of very fine materials ultrasound is often the only possibility to enable the sieving process at all.

Hielscher GmbH has developed a worldwide unique technology especially for exciting common laboratory ring sieves (according to DIN ISO 3310/1 or ASTM E 11-95) with diameters of 100mm up to 400mm. A ring sonotrode that fits the sieve is excited by the ultrasonic processor UIS250L The ring sonotrode transmits the oscillation via the sieve frame to the screening surface. With the help of the clamping fixtures the neighboring sieves are also excited. In contrast to the ultrasonic sieving processes known until now, in which each sieve needs its own ultrasonic excitation, this is a very inexpensive and flexible solution.

Another advantage of this exciting principle is that the transducer is situated outside the material to be sieved. This technology

can be used for dry or wet sieving, as well as for cleaning the sieves. The ultrasonic components can be retrofitted in already existing sieving towers and can even be used in combination with vibrators. In this case the delivery scope consists only of the ultrasonic processor UIS250L and the ring sonotrode, which will be fitted into the common laboratory ring sieves of most manufacturers (see table).

An accessory set is necessary for a complete sieving tower. The set consists of a basic platform, tension bars with rapid tension nuts, a bottom receiver and a top cover.

On request we can also offer the required laboratory analysis sieves.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate a sieving pump into the cover of the sieving tower. The pump enhances the sieving power especially in case of adhesive powders.

UIP250 超音波震盪主機

可選用不同的震盪圈(ring sontrode)


Sieve Diameter

ring sonotrode
200mm RIS200
203mm(8") RIS203


generator UIS250L
frequency 24khz,
  automatic control
Power 250 watts
Power control amplitude 20-100
Power supply 230V~, 4A, 50-60Hz,
  115V~, 8A, 50-60Hz
version in stainless steel housing
dimensions Φ48mm,length 160mm
weight 1.2kg
For wet sieving of extremely small volumes we offer special sieves with mesh size down to 5μm and corresponding ultrasonic technology.




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