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The SOLAIR 1100LD (Laser Diode) leads the industry as the first of its kind portable particle counter with 0.1 micron sensitivity and 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) flow rate using laser diode technology. Conventional HeNe (Helium Neon) particle counters require frequent cleaning, periodic Laser tube replacement and suffer low concentration limits. The SOLAIR 1100LD is designed to operate in ISO Class 1 to Class 7 cleanrooms without concerns of it degrading its environment or exceeding concentration limits.

Number 1 in Versatility

The SOLAIR line of particle counters is the most versatile on the market today.

Whether you're certifying your cleanroom to ISO standards, performing routine testing, counting particles in your compressed gas lines, scanning your HEPA filters for leaks, challenge testing your HEPA filters or measuring environmental parameters such as TRH, DP, or AV, the SOLAIR portable particle counter is the right instrument to get the job done.

Cleanroom Certification

•Whether you are certifying to current ISO 14644 standards, EU GMP Annex 1 or Federal Standards 209E, the SOLAIR has you covered with its certification report wizard.

Routine Testing

•Routine testing is a breeze with the intuitive interface, zoom screen and on board sample recipes


•With beep and concentration sample modes, the SOLAIR will simplify the identification of particle sources within your clean room.

Compressed Gas Testing

•The SOLAIR can be used to test for particle counts in compressed air by utilizing a high pressure diffuser or high pressure controller.  Particles can be tested down to 0.1 micron.

 HEPA Filter Scanning

•The scanning of HEPA filters is a critical step to ensure the integrity of the HEPA filter and overall cleanliness of the cleanroom.  The ScanAir attachment from Lighthouse makes filter scanning an easier operation.

 HEPA Filter Challenge Testing

•Monitoring of other environmental parameters such as Temp, Humidity, Differential Pressure or Air Velocity

Other Environmental Testing

•The SOLAIR can record data from up to 4 environmental sensors that plug into and are powered by the SOLAIR.  Data is recorded into the 3,000 record data buffer and can be downloaded along with the particle count data to your computer of via USB key.

Better Technology Leads to Greater Flexibility

•The SOLAIR 1100 uses a laser diode as its laser source.  This laser technology provides the SOLAIR 1100 with a 10x increase in concentration limits relative to the competition.  The higher concentration limit allows the instrument to be used in ISO Class 1 to Class 7 environments.

Save Time

Spend less time configuring your particle counter and more time counting particles.  The SOLAIR features one of the industry’s best and easy to use touch screen interface (UI).   With ICON-driven menus, concise layout and enhanced responsiveness, sample configuration is a breeze.

The intuitive interface reduces learning uptime for new users and simplifies the writing of SOP’s for operation.

For cleanroom certification the SOLAIR has an integrated report wizard that makes clean room certification a breeze.  Once the basic sample parameters are input the wizard will prompt the end user to move to the next sample location which helps to ensure no sample locations are missed.

The configurable recipe database can store up to 50 recipes for sampling and reports.  These recipes reduce operator configuration errors as well as setup time.

Ease of Use

Lighter is better and the SOLAIR 1100 is the lightest 0.1 micron particle counters on the market, at only 23 lbs. without battery and 26 with a battery.

The SOLAIR can be powered via onboard battery or plugged directly into a power outlet for extended use.   With the fastest battery recharge time of any portable on the market the SOLAIR offers unrivaled uptime.

With beep and concentration sample modes, the SOLAIR will simplify the identification of particle sources within your clean room.

Data from the SOLAIR can be downloaded directly to a standalone software package or a real time monitoring system from Lighthouse.

Flexible communications with these instruments is made possible by the integrated Ethernet, RS-485, USB and USB flash drive interfaces.


The line of SOLAIR portable particle counters incorporate laser diode technology.  

The vacuum system within the SOLAIR was designed with closed loop feedback to ensure accurate sample volumes.  The vacuum pump was designed and built by Lighthouse to ensure long term reliability.

The SOLAIR 1100LD is designed, manufactured and calibrated to ISO 21501-4 to ensure particle-counting accuracy.

The SOLAIR can store up to 3,000 records of particle count data from up to 8 particle channels and the configurable recipe database can store up to 50 recipes for sampling and reports.  All data can be quickly and reliably transferred to a computer, a Facility Monitoring System or a Building Automation System.  Secure data transfer (per 21 CFR Part 11) to a USB flash drive can be accomplished by using the Lighthouse secure data transfer feature and LMS Express software.

Key Features:

•1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) flow rate
•Up to 8 particle sizes
•Number 1 in class for versatility
•Industry's Best User Interface
•ISO 21501-4 Compliant
•One of the lightest portables on the market
•Stainless steel construction
•21 CFR Part 11 compliant secure data transfer via USB flash drive
•Report wizard for cleanroom pass/fail reports: FS-209E, ISO 14644-1 (2015 version)  and EU GMP Annex 1
•Multiple communication interfaces: USB, RS-485, Ethernet and USB flash drive
•5.7-inch color TFT touch screen display
•3,000 record data storage memory
•50-record configurable recipe database
•Multiple language support:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean





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