Flow-Tote 268 電磁感應式開放渠道及密閉管路用流量計

Flow-Tote 268


Flo-Tote Portable Insertable Data Logging Electromagnetic Flowmeter - Model 268




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電磁感應式開放渠道及密閉管路用流量計-行動條碼QR Code

FLO-TOTE / 260 I  技術規格:

測量時不需標準堰, 或其它輔助設施
專利型電磁式感應器, 可同時測量水位及流速

, 最大管徑 135".

測定原理: 電磁感應式, 法拉弟定律
零點穩定度: ±0.05 /
    : 讀值 ±
測定範圍: -5 +20 /
    : 0.01 /

測定原理: 壓差感應式.
測定範圍: 0 138 英吋.
    : ±0.5%.
  Flo-Tote Flowmeter for Closed Conduit Applications (1" or 2"; 6 meters of cable; standard mounting hardware; two programmable contact closure; one pulse input channel; four voltage input channels; six volt alkaline lantern battery; and an instruction manual.

Applications: Portable "Full Pipe" meter.  2" sensor can be used in wastewater and 1" sensor in clean water or any conductive liquid. (Note: Requires T200 software, sold separately).

5-Year Sensor Warranty

The Model 268 provides accurate flow data for water loss surveys, water distribution studies, pump efficiency studies, trunk main surveys, and existing meter accuracy studies.

Installation is easy and does not require any interruption of the flow process. The flow sensor is inserted through a corporation stop or ball valve into the flow conduit, and can be easily removed for periodic inspections.

The electromagnetic full-pipe sensor can be used for pressurized line applications from 2 inches to 96 inches.  Because price is independent of pipe size, the Model 268 offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional magmeters whose costs go up as pipe size increases. 

‧Patented insertable electromagnetic velocity sensor.

‧Streamlined debris shedding sensor shape allows use even in solid-laden fluids.

‧Ideal for installation near bends and elbows.

‧Fast installation requires no interruption of the flow process.

‧System powered by 6-volt alkaline battery (rechargeable battery-optional) or optional AC/Solar operation.

‧Monitoring of peripheral devices such as temperature, conductivity, pH, and pressure sensors.

‧Rugged, lightweight, watertight system.

‧Sensors for harsh/extreme environments available.

Flo-Tote Portable Insertable Electromagnetic Flowmeter  Specifications:

Volumetric flow in full pipes, 2" (5 cm) to 96" (244 cm.) in diameter using insertable velocity sensor. Flow indication in English or Metric units.

Local Velocity Measurement
Method: Electromagnetic (Faradays Law)
Range: -5 to +20 ft/s (-1.5 to +6.1 m/s)
Zero Stability: ±0.05 ft/s (±15.2 mm/s)
Accuracy: ±2% of reading ±zero stability at -3 to +10 ft/s (-0.9 to +3 m/s)
Resolution: 0.01 ft/s (3.05 mm/s)

Sensor Selection
Pipe Sizes 2" (5 cm) to 30" (76 cm) - 1" sensor (Recommended for clean water applications only up to 30". Clean water applications over 30" should use 2" sensor)
Pipe Sizes 6" (15 cm) to 96" (244 cm) - 2" sensor

Sensor: Polyurethane exposed to flow Epoxy ceramic sensors available for chemical applications. 20 ft., polyurethane outer jacket. Additional cable lengths available - Contact factory.

Sensor Mounting Hardware
1" Sensor: 316 Stainless Steel
2" Sensor: Carbon Steel and PVC exposed to fluid; Stainless Steel Optional

Environment - Operating Temperature Degree Range
Electronics: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
Sensor: 32°F to 160°F (0°C to 71°C) @ 250 PSI with Stainless Steel Hardware
Consult factory for information on higher temperature ranges or sensors for extreme environments.

Data Retrieval
Portable computer utilizing MS/DOS is utilized for Flo-Ware (sold separately) operating software for Flo-Tote flowmeter.

Power Requirements
Six Volt (primary or rechargeable) battery
Power Consumption: 110 mA @ 6 volts.

Pressure/Temperature Limits
PVC Insertion Tube: 150 PSI @ 105°F (41°C),

30 inch max. (56 cm)
Stainless Steel Insertion Tube: 250 PSI @ 160°F (71°C), 65 inch max. (165 cm)

Pressure Transducer (Optional)
Range: (Choice of transducers) 0-250 psi or 0-100 psi
Accuracy: ±3% of reading, or ±1 PSI, whichever is greater.

Sealed, watertight PVC enclosure (submersible)
Length: 21.5"; Diameter 5"
Weight: 15 lbs. with battery

Flow Proportional Contact Closure (Qty. 2)
Contact closes each time flow total exceeds a preset value. (Limit 1 closure per cycle)
Minimum Value: 1 Gallon
Maximum Value: 99,000,000 Gallons
Contact Closure: 1 amp @ 28 volts, non-inductive
Closure Period: 100-300 milliseconds

Extra Data Logging Channels
Voltage Input Channels - (Qty. 4)
Voltage Range: -5 volts to +5 volts
Voltage Resolution: 2.5 mV

Pulse Input Channel - (Qty. 1)
Requires 3-15 VDC external pulse at maximum rate not to exceed 4095 pulses per data cycle.

External Start
+5 to +15 VDC, 1 second

Memory Size

Standard        (21000 cycles)

                      (# active channels)

i.e., if two voltage channels are recorded, velocity and level or velocity and pressure, number of active channels = 2. 21000 ÷ 2 = 10500 cycles.

Optional - 86,520 cycles




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