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Work Tube Materials

The choice of the material for the work tube depends on the temperature of the respective application and on the process parameters, e.g. on pressure, process gas, heating rates etc.
This means that tight ceramic work tubes, for instance, can only be used up to 1400 ºC under vacuum. If heat treatments under vacuum are desired at higher temperatures, the use of our type HTK chamber furnaces should be considered.
The gas atmosphere, too, plays an important role when choosing the work tube. In tubes containing SiO2, heat treatments under hydrogen can only be performed up to 1000 ºC. For higher temperatures, only SiC tubes without SiO2 or a tight high-purity Al2O3 tube may be used.
Process parameters, like heating and cooling speeds, also have a direct effect on the choice of a suitable work tube. For high heating and cooling rates, only materials with a very good or excellent thermal shock resistance may be chosen, i.e. they must have low thermal expansion coefficients and good thermal conduction.

up to 1100 ºC

quartz glass or fused quartz with an excellent thermal shock resistance

up to 1250 ºC

powder-metallurgic tight APM (CrFeAl alloy)
good heat stability, low carbonizing rate
excellent thermal shock resistance

up to 1300 ºC

porous aluminium silicate with 70-80 weight-% Al2O3
good to very good thermal shock resistance
tight Si-SiC with 90 weight-% SiC

up to 1400 ºC

tight aluminium silicate with 60-76 weight-% Al2O3
good to very good thermal shock resistance

up to 1600 ºC

porous R-SiC with 99 weight-% SiC
very good thermal shock resistance

up to 1700 ºC

porous high-purity Al2O3 (99.5 weight-%)
good thermal shock resistance

up to 1800 ºC

tight high-purity Al2O3 (99.7 weight-%)
good thermal shock resistance

Special materials (according to client requirements):




For the optimization of the temperature profile in applications with vacuum and process gas equipment, the tube can be sealed with radiation protection packaging.


Quick-action locks of the flanges for operating under vacuum and process gas.


Fiber plugs in various dimensions and materials for a maximum temperature of 1800 °C.


For simple applications under process gas, an atmosphere can be created by means of a ceramic fiber plug with integrated ceramic tube which is fixed by means of an adhesive.


Vacuum pumps or complete pump systems, vacuum connections and the appropriate measuring technology are also included in our product range.

Further Accessories

Ceramic vacuum-formed fibre insulation stoppers

subframe with integrated power device, gas supply, operation panel, etc.
laboratory bench (electrically adjustable)
ceramic, glass-like or metallic support for samples, calibration units for thermo couples, etc.
moisture sensors, dew point sensors, partial pressure sensors
movable furnaces with cooling devices
numerous further accessories available on request




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