1467 ASM825A 靜態摩擦係數測試儀(地板滑度測試儀) 1467 ASM825A

1467 ASM825A

靜態摩擦係數測試儀(地板滑度測試儀) 1467 ASM825A

Static Coefficient of Friction Tester. 1467 ASM825A




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靜態摩擦係數測試儀(地板滑度測試儀) 1467 ASM825A-行動條碼QR Code

符合ASTM D 2047 ASTM C 1028標準


1992年7月,美國殘疾人法案通過國會立法,第三條款明確規定:所有商業場所必須對公眾開放,ADA和ATBCB公益組織推薦地板的摩擦係數要達到0.6以上,地板斜坡摩擦係數要達到0.8左右。如果達不到這個要求,將會對這些營業場所進行處罰。在標準29 CFR-1910裡,美國勞工部職業安全衛生監察局(OSHA) 對於地板,走道和斜坡的安全設立了諸多要求,這些都是根據防滑地板表面的測試結果得來的。

符合ASTM D 2047 ASTM C 1028 標準



· ASM 825 主機

· 手提箱

· 操作手冊

· 安全工作日誌

· 配件盒

· 校正鍊

· 兩條控制/啟動線

· 清潔刷

· 9個感應器腳座(3組腳座)

· 9個Neolite感應器(3組)

·  一張400粒度乾/溼砂紙



Static Coefficient of Friction Measuring Kits. An everyday tool for monitoring floor safety and maintenance.

ASTM D 2047, ASTM C 1028
The new advanced digital slip meter performs static coefficient of friction testing. The updated electronics improves accuracy and repeatability on wet testing. The meter is now calibrated for dry and wet testing on the ASTM C1028 and for wet testing on the NFSI Test File.
Improve Safety — Reduce Negligence
A simple test of the coefficient of friction level of your floors and walkways will provide valuable data about safety levels and ongoing maintenance. Daily recordings of readings in the log book provided is useful in defense of negligence litigation. Recent insurance studies in the food industry, an analysis of over 225,000 worker compensation claims, revealed that slip/fall accidents accounted for over 40% of dollar claims paid out.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed by Congress in July 1992 Title III notes: For all businesses open to the public, ADA and ATBCB recommends flooring and walkways have a coefficient of friction level .60 or above and .80 for ramps. There are severe penalties for failure to comply and tax benefits for those businesses taking steps to comply. OSHA sets many requirements for safe floors, walkways and ramps under 29 CFR-1910 referring to providing floors of anti-slip surfaces or maintaining surfaces in non-slip condition.
Easy to calibrate and easy to use
Simple to follow instructions. Perform test in seconds. Designed for ease of handling. Lightweight, complete kit is less than 6 pounds.

One year full manufacture warranty. Precision machined base and parts. Protective powder coat finish. Gage manufactured to ±1% accuracy. Tested and calibrated prior to shipping.

4.76 lbs. With Sensors Attached / 7.38 lbs. Complete Kit/Carrying Case
All Accepted Industry Standards
As adopted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society of Testing and Maerials (ASTM): 0.50 COF or above has been traditionally recognized as providing non-hazardous walkway surfaces. Source: ASTM D 2047 and the Slip and Fall Handbook, Stephen I. Rosen, Hanrow Press

Complete Kit Contents 

1-ASM Slip Meter           
1-Carrying Case
1-Instruction/Info Book
1-Safety Log Work Sheet
1-Accessory Container
1-Calibration Chain
2-Control/Activator Lines*
1-Sensor Cleaning Brush
9-Sensor Retainers (3 sets of feet)
9-Neolite Sensors (3 sets)**
1-Sheet of 400 Grit Wet/Dry Silicon Carbide Paper





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