Fusion 100 Classic Syringe Pump 注射式幫浦

Fusion 100

Classic Syringe Pump 注射式幫浦

Classic Syringe Pump

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Fusion 100 Classic Syringe Pump

The Fusion 100 is a high performance low cost syringe pump designed for use in synthetic chemistry, electrospinning, drug infusion and ESI microliter injections.

Standard Features:

  • Graphic LCD interface
  • RS232 port for computer control
  • Integrated syringe dimensions library
  • Selectable rate units: μl/hr, μl/min, ml/hr, ml/min
  • Stall detection with audible alarm
  • Very quiet operation
  • Hold any syringe - glass, plastic and microsyringes

System Overview

Chemyx Fusion 100 is an infusion only syringe pump that performs most precision dispensing activities. This syringe pump comes equipped with a D9 RS232 port that directly accepts ASCII commands from Labview/Labwindows, HyperTerminal and Visual Studio without the need for drivers.

Bright LCD and Easy-To-Use Menu Interface

A monochrome graphic LCD display and directional keys makes the Fusion 100 a very easy-to-use syringe pump. Users can set any parameter through a familiar "windows" like environment and change settings from Syringe ID, flow rate, volume and delay time. We also included an internal syringe library that stores syringe dimensions from major manufacturers. The flow rate can be changed while the pump is running.

Smart Operation

A miniature computer continually monitors the system while in operation and provides constant status updates via the LCD display. In the event of a power failure the pump will remember the last settings and can resume operation when power is returned. The Fusion 100 will also detect overloads, shut off the motor and warn the user with an audible alarm. An adjustable safety nut on the guide rod can be used to protect glass and microsyringes.


Fusion 100 Syringe Pump Specifications:

No. of Syringes


Syringe Size

0.5 µl to 60 ml


9.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 in


6 lbs

Linear Force

29 lbs


± < 1%, ±0.1%

Min Rate:

0.001µl/hr (10ul syringe)

Max Rate:

90 ml/min (60ml syringe)

Step Resolution:

0.196 um/step




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