FAA 4C FAA 4C 燃燒性試驗機


FAA 4C 燃燒性試驗機

FAA 4C Flammability Test Chamber




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FAA 4C可燃性試驗機


FAR第25部分App F第I部分(垂直,水平,45°和60°),AITM 2.002、2.003、2.004和2.005,BSS 7230:F-1,F-2,F-3,F-4,F- 5和F-6


FAA 4C測試方法用於評估飛機或其他相關車輛中使用的內部材料的燃燒行為。它用於確定材料在經受小火焰時的火焰傳播和火焰時間。













• 根據FAR第25部分的試驗箱:水平,垂直,45°和60°試驗

• 內室由優質不銹鋼製成

• 可從正面調節燃燒器位置

• 將燃燒器置於測試位置時自動開始測試

• 可選的自動火焰施加時間

• 啟用“燃燒後”和“滴落”時間進行記錄



電氣:230 volts AC 50Hz, 2 Amp / 115volts AC 60Hz, 4 Amp


燃燒器供氣:測試中首選的燃氣為甲烷,最低純度為99%,獲得火焰穩定性所需的壓力約為17.2 kPa(2.5 PSI)。可以使用其他氣體,但它們的發熱量必須約為38 MJ / m3。

去除廢氣:建議在處理室上方放置一個抽風機,以清除測試過程中產生的任何煙氣。我們建議可變的抽氣速率在0-300立方米/小時之間可調。建議最小引擎蓋尺寸為850毫米寬x 400毫米深。如果需要,該試驗室也可以放置在通風櫥內。可選配壁掛式變速抽氣系統,以幫助在測試過程中和測試後排試驗室中的內容物。請要求與我們聯繫以獲取更多詳細信息。

尺寸:752 mm(寬)x 832 mm x(高)x 330 mm(深)








FAA 4C Flammability Test Chamber


FAR Part 25 App F Part I (Vert, Horiz, 45° and 60°), AITM 2.002, 2.003, 2.004, & 2.005, BSS 7230: F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-5, & F-6


The FAA 4C method of test is used to assess the burning behaviour of internal materials used in aircraft or other related vehicles.  It is used to determine the flame propagation and after flame time of materials when subjected to a small flame.


The modular design of the instrument allows testing in the horizontal, vertical and also at 45° to the datum plane.  A 60° cable test is also included.


All four tests are included with the standard FAA-4C instrument.  However, different combinations are possible and can be supplied to customer requirements.  For example, the instrument is available with just the horizontal and vertical configurations.  Switching from one configuration to another takes just a minute or two, with minimal set up time between tests.


The apparatus is bench mounted, ergonomically designed and simple to use and is ideal for use in quality control applications.  The cabinet is fabricated out of high quality brushed stainless steel and offers automatic start test and a digital timer which automatically controls gas flow and records timed events.


A wall mounted variable speed extraction hood is also available as an option to assist in evacuating the contents of the chamber during and after testing.


This latest addition to our range of aviation test equipment fully complies with FAA, Airbus and Boeing specifications and reflects the recent changes to the FAA handbook test specifications.


Specification & Features

•Test chambers according to FAR Part 25: Horizontal, Vertical, 45′ and 60′ tests

•Cabinet fabricated from high quality stainless steel

•Adjustable burner position from front

•Automatic starting of test when burner is placed in test position

•Selectable and automated flame application time

•Enables ‘after flame’ and ‘dripping’ timings to be recorded


Technical Data & Requirements

Electrical: 230 volts AC 50Hz, 2 Amp / 115volts AC 60Hz, 4 Amp

Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

Burner Gas Supply: The preferred fuel gas used in the test is methane with a minimum purity of 99%.The pressure required to obtain flame stability is approximately 17.2 kPa (2.5 PSI). Other gases may be used but they must have a calorific value of approximately 38 MJ/m3.

Effluent removal: An extraction hood is recommended to be situated above the chamber to take away any smoke effluent produced during testing.  We advise a variable flow extraction rate adjustable between of 0-300 m3 /hour.  The minimum hood size 850 mm wide x 400 mm deep is recommended.  The chamber can also be placed inside a fume cupboard if required.  A wall mounted variable speed extraction system is available as an option to assist in evacuating the contents of the chamber during and after testing. Please ask contact us for further details.

Dimensions: 752 mm (W) x 832 mm x (H) x 330 mm (D)

Packed Weight: 60Kg





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