CatCon 6 delta 導電度 PH 分析儀

CatCon 6 delta

導電度 PH 分析儀

廠牌:Dr. Thiedig



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Measuring device for differential conductivity and pH-value determination

The analyser consists of the measuring transducer Con 6 m and the intelligent cation fi lter CatControl 6. It is used for continuous conductivity measurement before and after a strongly acidic cation exchanger.

Furthermore, the measuring transducer Con 6 m offers the option of integrating a fl ow measurement for monitoring the sample fl ow within the framework of the representative and VGB-compliant sample analysis. For a fl exible use, the measuring transducer can be equipped with a broad-range mains adapter at the factory (4 wire principle). Alternatively, there is also a 2-wire-version available where separate auxiliary voltage is not required. The standardly integrated ventilation of the CatControl 6 ensures a bubble-free sample fl ow even in the start-up phase.

The calculation of the pH-value is effected through the determination of differential conductivity in accordance with the VGB standard and provides  a low-maintenance and reliable alternative in contrast to the conventional determination of the pH-value by means of a glass electrode.

Necessary preconditions for the validity of the pH-value calculation:

•use of just one alkalising medium
•main contamination of NaCl
•pH-values > 8
•low phosphate concentration (< 0,5 mg/l)

•Calculation of pH-value in the range of pH 7.5 to 10.5
•Simultaneous measuring of both conductivities, temperature and monitoring of sample fl ow
•User selectable linear and non-linear temperature compensation for various contaminations of high-purity water
•Two analogue outputs with HART protocol
•Freely usable digital contacts in the 4-wire version (washing contact, alarm, 2x limit value)




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